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Over the past 10-years we have provided Debt Solutions to thousands of Self-Employed people and Company Directors.

Small Business Debt Solutions

There are many companies offering general debt advice however, Anderson Brookes specialise in solving debt problems for small business owners.

Self-employed people and business owners often have more complicated financial circumstances than employed individuals. In addition to managing personal finances they may be having problems paying Tax Debts, Business Rates and other Trade Creditors. They are likely to want to ensure their business is protected from legal action and allowed to carry on trading.

Debt Solution Clients

Each business we help has unique circumstances however; many are struggling with the same financial problems. Typically, our clients have;

  • Got behind with Tax Returns and started to incur HMRC fines.
  • Received County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) and other Legal Demands.
  • Been using personal credit to support their business.
  • Been working hard just to pay off the arrears on their business debts.

If any of the above sounds familiar, you are not alone!

The Best Debt Solution

Finding the best debt solution depends on a variety of factors. Different debt solutions are available to deal with Sole Traders debts, Partnership debts and Limited Company debts.

Sole Trader Debt Solutions

Sole Traders are self-employed individuals running businesses that are not Partnerships or Limited Companies.

Most people initially establish their business on this basis as is appears to be the simplest way to get trading quickly. Crucially, there is no legal distinction between a Sole Traders business debt (rent, business rates, VAT etc) and their personal debt (credit cards, personal loans etc). Read about specific debt solutions for sole traders>

Partnership Debt Solutions

Partnerships involve two or more individuals running a business together that is not a Limited Company.

Many Partnerships are created between married people or couples in order to share tax allowances. Again, as with sole traders, there is no legal distinction between the partners personal debts and business debts. Each partner in the business is jointly liable for the partnership debts. Read about specific debts solutions for partnerships >

Limited Company Debt Solutions

Limited Companies are businesses registered with Companies House.

These businesses will have the word ‘Limited’ or ‘LTD’ at the end of their name. The Company will have one or more shareholder and one or more directors. The Ltd Company is owned by the shareholders and is operated by the Directors. Crucially, the company’s financial affairs are completely separate from the shareholders and directors. Read about specific debt solutions for Limited Companies>

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