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Administration is a process designed to protect a Limited Company from it's creditors whilst a re-structuring plan is organised or the business is sold.

When to consider Administration

Administration should be considered where a Company is struggling with debts and is under severe pressure from creditors. Examples would include;

1. Landlords distraint for rent arrears.

2. Bailiffs distraining for local authority business rates.

3. HMRC action to enforce or collect debts.

The Administration process

1. An Administrator can be appointed by a Director passing a resolution and filing certain documents at court.

2. An Administrator can not be appointed if the company has any outstanding petitions for liquidation (winding-up petitions).

3. Once appointed, the Administrator will take steps to re-structure the Company or realise the assets.

4. The Administration will be concluded within 12-months from appointment.

Advantages of Administration

1. Ongoing Creditor action can be stopped.

2. Enforcement action by HMRC, Bailiffs and Landlords can be stopped.

3. Avoids the need for Liquidation.

4. Enables the sale / succession of the business.

What to do next

Please call Anderson Brookes to discuss your options in more detail, this option may not be available if a winding-up petition has been granted. Call 0800 1804 933.

In certain cases we may be able to have a winding up petition set asside - the sooner we are instructed the more options we have available.

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