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A phoenix company is where the assets of one Limited Company are moved to another legal entity.

Often some or all of the Directors remain the same and in some cases, the new company has the same or a similar name to the failed business. Typically, the phoenix company continues along the same lines as the previous company.

Are phoenix companies legal?

It is perfectly legal to form a new company from the remnants of a failed company. A director of a failed company can become a director of a new company unless he or she:

1. is subject to a disqualification order or undertaking, or

2. is personally adjudged bankrupt, or

3. is subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order or undertaking.

For more information on disqualified directors, see the Insolvency Service website.

Why set up a Phoenix Company?

Not all legitimate businesses succeed at the first attempt, according to the Small Business Service, up to one in three businesses close within three years.

Businesses can fail for any number of reasons and there are occasions when honest individuals find they can no longer trade out of their difficulties. In these cases, the phoenix company arrangement allows a business to start again and for the profitable elements of the failed business to survive, offering some continuity for both suppliers and employees.

Can a Phoenix Company be used alongside an Insolvency Process?

Yes; however, there are strict rules applying to companies and directors that are experiencing debt problems.

If you feel this may be an option, please call for specific advice before taking any action.

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